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"Play is the natural process in which children learn and the best experience in which they can practice skills and develop their understanding"

The Upstairs Rooms

Upstairs we continue to offer a naturally light environment for the children to explore and continue their learning.  The team regularly review and enhance the rooms layout based on their observations of how the children play, providing lots of provocations for them to play spontaneously.

The MAIN ROOM is full of natural and open ended resources, where children's imagination has no limits with construction materials, loosed parts, books and resources to fuel their imagination.  For example, block play offers children the opportunity to develop concepts of spatial awareness or configuration or problem solve.

The QUIET ROOM continues to offer a fluid provision and children free flow between the areas enabling children to have uninterrupted play and actively learn.  All rooms allow the children to transport their resources and are not confined to a specific space or place.

An ART AREA provided opportunities to make our own playdough, create transient art, explore science and enjoy natural resources such as water, mud, herbs and flowers in their creative play - extending ideas and practicing new skills and making amazing art!


Quiet spots for children to have a sense of calm feature in the provision to allow them to sit and relax supporting their emotional well being.  

Whilst these rooms are primarily used for the children aged over 3 years of age the children have opportunities in the week to spend time in family groups.


We take great pride in how we support children for their transition to school - some of the expected characteristics that we encourage our children with;

  • independence in toileting

  • ability to dress themselves

  • understands expected levels of behaviour

  • actively learning, creatively & critically thinking

  • communication and language skills to help communicate their needs and to be able to listen to others

  • seperating from parents and carers

  • taking turns and share

  • having confidence and self-esteem

  • be able to sit still for short periods

We work with the local schools to ensure a smooth transition when your child starts school, including attending local authority led meetings.


We have lots more information about this in our Parent Pages, which you'll gain access to once you enrol your child at The White House.

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