Making choices, taking risks and learning social skills. Our child-led approach to learning allows creativity and imagination to flourish, so your child feels ready to take their next big step with confidence.

Learning through play

Our pre-schoolers are ready to grow and thrive with a little more structure, and a lot of fun! Each week your child will take part in play-powered learning, so they feel ready to take their next step with confidence. 

Fine Motor Skills

It’s time for your child to start developing the fine motor movements in preparation for School. “Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle” and “Dough Disco” have been designed with these important skills in mind. 


Forest School

We’re opening your children’s eyes to the magic of the natural world around them, as they build confidence and knowledge in the great outdoors. Children are given the opportunity to learn in a new way and within a different environment, as they work on their team-building skills, creativity and self-esteem.

These sessions take your child out of the classroom to learn in a new way and environment. Children experience den building, nature exploration: finding out what lives in our natural world and how to care for our environment, exploring ways of using new tools and techniques to manipulate and make changes to materials amongst other themes that the children show an interest in.

We use our Urban Forest School for these activities as well as West Bridgford Park, Skylarks Nature Reserve and Hollygate Scout Camp.

Getting ready for school

The transition from nursery to school can be daunting for both parents and children. We've been helping to turn that nervousness into excitement for 32 years, and now we're here to give you a helping hand.


During the Spring Term before your child starts school we introduce “School Readiness” activities, linked to getting our children ready for school, encouraging their enthusiasm to learn and building on self-help skills and independence.  We take great pride in preparing children for their next step of starting school and we work closely with the local schools to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes.


We have lots more information about this in our Parent Pages, which you'll gain access to once you enrol your child at The White House.