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The Baby Room and Downstairs Rooms

Helping our babies and toddlers explore their exciting new world 

The Baby Room

We understand what a big step it is for new parent's to leave their babies and go back to work and our vision is for you to feel comfortable leaving your baby with our experienced and nurturing team. 


Our Baby Room is a light and calming environment where our aim for each child is to foster confidence and curiosity - to explore in a secure and challenging environment which values their uniqueness.

We encourage our babies to become independent learners, giving them lots of opportunities to master crawling, sitting, walking, developing new skills of balance and co-ordination, core strength and spatial awareness.  We offer a safe and secure space where babies can build connections and relationships with our caring team members.


Reading with babies is important to us as we immerse them in the sounds and rhythms of speech, which is crucial for language development.


With natural sunlight streaming in to our MAIN ROOM it is arranged to offer lots of learning opportunities, with open ended resources and books throughout the rooms.  A Creation Station gives children opportunities to explore textures with sensory resources such as making their own playdough, rice, soil, herbs, sand and water - so many natural textures to enjoy!  

This leads into the FRONT ROOM where lots of home from home objects fuel the children's imagination where they re-enact their observational learning from peers and adults in their lives.

Our CONSERVATORY continues to offer a provision of open ended resources, books, construction and block play.  This leads out onto a small DECKING AREA looking out onto our Urban Forest School environment where we grow vegetables and explore natural resources.  

We endeavour to offer the concept of free flow play which enables children to wander through the environment and gives them the opportunity to have uninterrupted play, having the time and space to actively learn.

Whilst these areas are primarily used for the children under the age of 3 years we have opportunities in the week to spend time in family groups where older children support and engage younger children - setting examples to the children of what is possible!

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