Babies & Under 3s

Helping our babies and toddlers explore their exciting new world with soft play, light movement and lots of cuddles.

Babies (0 to approx 16 months)

Our Baby Room is a light and calming environment.............

where our aim for each child is to foster confidence and curiosity - to explore in a secure and challenging environment which values their uniqueness. To achieve this, we provide the learning resources and a tailored plan of activities which is in tune with the child's individual interests and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We encourage our babies to become independent learners, supporting them for their future learning journeys with a diverse range of activities within the Nursery and extending this to the outdoor environment.  We love using our beautiful Nursery garden and visiting our local parks.

We nurture our children with purposeful interactions, sights, sounds, sensory exploration and also to different languages. Circle time is one of the highlights of the day in which both adults and children enjoying singing nursery rhymes, playing instruments and reading stories.

Under 3s 

Our Under 3's team......

play alongside our toddlers, observing their natural interests and planning ‘in the moment’ to stretch and challenge their thinking. At this age, children are beginning to explore their own sounds language, so we sing and chat away with them all day, encouraging them to chatter back with growing confidence.

We take advantage of the closeness to West Bridgford Park and the surrounding facilities with regular outings. Outdoor play is part of your child's day, along with various activities in the small world, construction, home corner, messy and quiet areas of our cosy indoor areas.  

The White House Day Nursery, 41 Bridgford Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6AU, 0115 981 0119