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About The White House
Day Nursery

 We have been sparking joy and curiosity within the children of the local community since 1988.  The longest established Nursery in the area and one of the very few that remain independent.



We set out to create a caring and thoughtful day care facility, where our own children could learn and thrive - we have a high expectation of care from a parents point of view as well as a professional one.


We are committed to helping Nottingham's little minds grow with an abundance of creativity, curiosity and adventure.  We observe children's natural interests and plan in the moment to stretch and challenge their thinking.

Everyone works tremendously hard to update, maintain and respect our environment to enable children to follow their own learning styles, offering lots of opportunities to develop physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Our team are amazing - it wouldn't be the place it is now if it wasn't for the dedication of them - many of who have been part of the nursery family for over 10 years.  Some have recently celebrated their 20 years work anniversary!


We all share a vision of creating a wonderful environment for children with exciting invitations to play and the aim of sparking joy into the lives of the little ones in our care. 

Over the last 35 years so many children have crossed our path and it is fabulous to see them flourish as adults - we are honoured to have some of them bring their children here too.


Location and outdoor play

"Take me outside - let me get to know and love nature"

Most attitudes are formed very early in life and it is important to us to develop the concept of engaging with nature from an early age. We provide puddle-suits in cooler weather to ensure children are wrapped up and can continue to enjoy their time outdoors.


Our cosy, unique white house is a stone’s throw from West Bridgford Park, Library and shopsWe take our children on regular adventures to the environment and explore our local  community with pride.

The fully enclosed garden is in continual use as we believe children have as many learning opportunities outdoors.  The garden has a water-wall, bug hotel, hill and tunnel and many resources for the children to explore including an outdoor kitchen where many wonderful creations are cooked! The outdoor white cabin gets transformed periodically and my favourite is when its a giant sandpit!

At the start of 2021 we extended our outdoor areas to create an Urban Forest School where the children can continue to explore the outdoors in a different way.  Pallets, crates, construction materials, loose parts, branches and tyres are amongst the materials available for the children to discover and use their imagination to create obstacles courses, vehicles, building sites and beyond!  We have created a mini-allotment where our enthusiastic little gardeners love planting and caring for their vegetables and herbs.

We also use the area to enhance the children's outdoor skills using real tools.

This area continues to be enhanced and has a compelte resurfacing during 2023 - come and see!

Nutrition and mealtimes

Through social mealtimes, we support children to be independent and to share their experiences with their peers and team members.  This gives them an opportunity to connect with others during the ritual of eating.  We encourage the children to serve themselves and eat according to appetite..

Our wonderful chefs, Callum and Ian, offer a variety of foods including breakfast, two course lunch and high tea with fresh fruits and vegetables appearing daily on the menu. We strive to offer nutritionally balanced meals catering to most variations in diet.  We use local and homegrown produce where possible, taking advantage of what is in season.  


We diligently support children with allergies.

Our food is #madewithlove

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